1. Nick Shin says:

    Disclosure: I am the SEM and Social Media Manager @Marketwire.

    Great piece you wrote about newswires Johan. It’s true that newswires must adapt to the evolving PR industry and I think most are doing just that. There are some folks out there that feel that one should send a social media release and let the social media networks take over. Not the case at all. The social media release works complimentary to a traditional release. I’ve noticed it from many clients. They send traditional (usually SEO enhanced) releases as well as social media releases. What newswires do is provide the means to start building those relationships while effectively boosting SEO, traffic, and distribution pick up while extending the conversation in social media This all happens naturally. We realized that the industry is changing so that was part of the reason for acquiring a leading social media monitoring company in Sysomos.

    Thanks for writing this well thought out, unbiased piece.

    Nick (@shinng @marketwire)

    • Hi Nick, Thanks for your comment! Newswires are certainly starting to adopt to the new media landscape, but there are still a lot of things that could be improved. To me, it’s not only about providing the ability to share content on social networks but about the changing realities in newsrooms. Journalists have less and less time, so why not provide a little more background information with every release, so each journalist finds different information sources on a topic all in one place. This would also provide more opportunities to highlight different aspects of a story. Most wires don’t really provide good options to include further background information and links to articles or posts that discuss the same or similar topics. A press release could also invite discussions between journalists and bloggers that read it via a comments section etc. Thanks again for getting in touch, and I look forward to seeing Marketwire and other services evolve.

  2. Sue Watkins says:

    Thanks, Johan for your post on newswires. As a founder of a website offering marketing/PR tools for SMB’s, how newswires work and the value they provide can be somewhat mysterious. When I counsel small businesses on marketing strategy, it can be a challenge to get them to invest in doing their own PR on a regular basis, but I usually point out the value to your search engine rankings and issuing releases over a wire service can provide.

    Perhaps a blog post on the mechanics of how a newswire service works would also help?

    Sue Watkins, found

    • Hi Sue, Thanks for getting in touch! It always depends on the concrete situation of a company, but as a general rule I would say that a customized and targeted outreach to a handful of important influencers in most cases is more successful than just sending a release over the wire. If a company doesn’t have the resources or personnel, a wire definitely is an alternative. It can also be used complementary to your media outreach. A blog post has the benefit that it drives web traffic directly to your blog or website as opposed to the wire’s website. It should also be taken into consideration how much traffic your blog or website already drives to make sure the post gets visibility in search engines. A benefit of the wire services is that they do get a lot of traffic and links, so press releases usually get pretty good rankings.

    • Tessica says:

      Knocked my socks off with konweldge!

  3. betandhome says:
  4. Krisalyn says:

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